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Cow plasma therapy might be able to cure coronavirus patients as this treatment will help to slow down the spreading of the infection.

“A drug made from the blood of cow might be able to cure Corona virus,” indeed, there is a big hope and will be tested in the clinical trials this summer.


The latest Antibiotic treatment for COVID 19, is very near for human trials from a company that has been growing COVID-19 antibodies in the blood of cows.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic, scholars in the field of health and sciences are investigating the clinical evaluation, treatment, and diagnosis of the COVID-19. At present, various treatment options based on antibodies are under progress. The most recent news about the medication comes from a company that cow blood to grow potent antibodies being capable of neutralizing the novel virus.

So far, Remdesivir and dexamethasone are the only known drugs proven to be as effective as COVID-19 therapies. Dexamethasone is an affordable steroid that is available widely and useful in severe COVID-19 cases.

Dr. Eddie Sullivan, CEO, and co-founder of SAB Biotherapeutics said that “the cows had already tested with a corona virus vaccine as an attempt to try their immune system and ward off the injection. The cows then produced a high-neutralizing antibody, which we can use in patients.”

What are the antibodies?

Produced by the body, antibodies are a type of proteins that defend from the infection caused due to pathogens and antigen—antibodies created by plasma cells derived from the B-cells in the immune system. Antibodies exist freely in the bloodstream or bound to cell membranes, so they are said to be a part of the immune system.

A mixture of the water and proteins, the liquid part is of the blood, is called the plasma. Plasma acts as a medium for red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets circulating through the body. Cow Plasma Therapy also contains some essential components of immunity that are known as antibodies.

SAB-185 is the polyclonal antibody therapeutic to be used in the upcoming trials. SAB is the biopharmaceutical company that has manufactured hundreds of doses of the drug for COVID-19 Cow plasma Therapy treatment. When it comes to plasma antibodies, cows possess a few significant advantages over humans. The researchers also claim that they can produce a more robust immune system and repeated injections with the corona virus that boost the response.

In comparison to humans, animals can give plasma three times a month. Cows offer between 30 and 45 liters of plasma every month.

Previously, SAB remained successful in developing various capable antibodies in response to Ebola, Dengue, Zika, and Hantavirus. As per the NPR report, the SAB production plans are supported by the U.S department of health, human services and department of defense.

Now there is a big hope that the high-neutralizing antibodies or the Cow plasma therapy antibody treatment will either slow down the spreading of the infection that has already picked up the virus or might prevent someone from becoming infected after being exposed to the virus.