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Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine’s Human Clinical Trials Started in Brazil

Brazil is the first country has signed an agreement with Oxford University for an experimental COVID 19 vaccine clinical trails.

The latest news on COVID brings that recently Brazil has signed an agreement to experimental product vaccine against COVID-19. A deal with Oxford University and a reputed pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca has been hired to develop a vaccine that is undergoing clinical tests.

Oxford COVID 19 Vaccine Status

With the ongoing search for COVID-19, Oxford University is leading the world to bring an effective vaccine against the virus.

As per Kate Bingham (Chair of the UK Vaccine group), it is highly expected to bring a vaccine this year, from any of the candidates. The first developed Oxford COVID 19 vaccines will probably help to relieve the symptoms instead of giving full protection to the disease.

With the 283, 757 confirmed COVID cases in the UK; the country has the hope to find something protective against the virus before winter ends.  We are putting the best efforts to improve on those timelines but not sure how much sooner will be vaccine be ready to implement, said by Sarah Gilbert (Science and technology committee, Oxford University).

With the number of COVID cases increasing in Brazil and South Africa, the vaccine trial will be soon held there. AstraZeneca, the British Pharma company, has partnered with Oxford University to develop a vaccine with two billion doses in September. Meanwhile, the US is ready with two million vaccine doses to check out for effectiveness.

To maximize the production capacity of the vaccine, AstraZeneca has signed an agreement with the Serum Institute of India and CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations). The partnership with the world’s largest vaccine manufacturers has a significant role in helping the low-and middle-income countries.

Oxford University started initial vaccine trials in April with hundreds of volunteers which is now have expanded to 10,000 contributors. Brazil is the first country outside Britain where Oxford COVID 19 Vaccines trails were started in June.

The company is proud to collaborate with the Oxford University to speed up the development and globalization of this potential new vaccine against COVID-19, said by Mene Pangalos, Executive Vice President, AstraZeneca.

In a press conference, it has been announced by the Brazilian health ministry that the country is going to invest $127 million to get material for producing 302 million doses till December. Considering the whole deal is for 100 million vaccines that will be provided by a local vaccine maker Fiocruz.

As per Soumya Swaminathan (WHO Chief Scientist), the experimental vaccine by AstraZeneca is expected to develop the world’s leading and most advanced candidate against COVID-19.

The study focuses on evaluating the way to protect people of all ages from COVID-19 with the new vaccine called ChAd0X1 nCoV-19. Also, it will provide crucial information on the safety aspects of the vaccine by expecting an excellent immune response against the virus.

Spike glycoprotein has an essential role in the infection pathway of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which makes use of this protein to blind to ACE2 receptors on human cells. The motive of vaccinating with ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 is to make the human body develop an immune system to the spike protein that restricts the virus to human cells, thereby prevent infection.