First Plasma Bank in India

First Plasma Bank in India For COVID 19 Patients

Endless Efforts:

All over the world, it is estimated that numbers of attempts have been made and still are making as well to find the solution to heal this SARS-CoV-2. The doctors, scientists, are also coming with conclusions but so far nothing fruitful could be gained in properly treating this deadly COVID-19. So, like other countries, India is also putting endless efforts in treating this deadly pandemic and it came in the form of first plasma bank in India.

COVID-19 First Plasma Bank

What Is Blood Plasma?

Moreover, blood plasma is one of the oldest therapy in which the doctors use blood plasma of people who have recovered from this life-threatening disease. So, to control this disease the first plasma bank for corona has been opened in New Delhi, India. People rarely know what is called plasma, so for their information, it is a portion of blood without RBC, WBC, and platelet count. So, COVID-19 first plasma bank is available here in New Delhi, India to sort out the concerns of coronavirus patients. Moreover, it can also be called a plasma donation for COVID-19 in India, as it has improved accessibility related to blood plasma in treating the deadly novel coronavirus patients. So, far blood plasma proved a successful effort against this, and COVID-19 first plasma bank is the availability center for blood plasma.

It is good that the first plasma Bank in India has been established and making everything easy for the people to acquire blood plasma as early as possible here but at the same time, it is also the duty of the people who have recovered from this deadly blow, should come forward to donate their blood in the first plasma bank for corona. So, that needs of the patients and their near and dear ones could be fulfilled easily.

How It Is Effective:

Now, how blood plasma is effective in curing the COVID-19 is also a big question in people’s minds. So, for them, people who have recovered from this deadly coronavirus usually develop the antibodies in their blood called convalescent plasma and this plasma then can be inserted into the bodies of the corona patients to boost up their immune system and this therapy is called convalescent plasma therapy. So regarding this, the whole credit should go to CM of New Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, who has made this all possible and let New Delhi became the first state in India to come up with COVID-19 first plasma bank.

According to COVID-19 first plasma bank officials, it does not take more than an hour for a plasma donor to donate blood plasma at the plasma bank. After the basic tests of the donor and all the proceedings, the donor is given an appreciation certificate for his valiant effort.

Conditions, The Donors Should Follow:

However, it is not as if anyone can come and donate plasma straightway, the plasma donation for COVID-19 in India has their terms and conditions if you want to donate your blood plasma and conditions should be fulfilled otherwise you are not liable to do that. 

Besides, there are some conditions as well that donors should keep in mind while coming for donations. So, he/she must be at least 14-day old by recovering from the disease. Moreover, the donor should weigh more than 50 kg and the age should be in from 18-60 group maximum. So, if the donors fulfill all these conditions, only then they can donate their plasma at the first plasma bank in India.

Following Initiative:

Seeing plasma donation for COVID-19 in India positive moves, other states are also going for this blood plasma initiative. So, COVID-19 first plasma bank has made a great leap forward in eliminating the deadly novel corona clouds with their first plasma bank for corona and it is yielding fruitful results as well.