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Japan’s Homegrown COVID-19 Drug Hope Avigan Faces Rocky Future

Read about the results of Japan Homegrown COVID19 drug in the Philippines after the shipment of Avigan tablets. Check out our blogs for the COVID19 updates.

All set to begin with clinical trials of the Japanese drug Avigan in the Philippines! The Philippines is one of the 43 countries participating in the trial.

Japan covid 19 vaccine news is officially announced by the Philippine government after a shipment of 199, 000 tablets of Avigan sent by Japan as part of a grant-in-aid in Manila.

While the Japanese embassy doubts the effectiveness of the anti-flu drug Avigan in treating COVID-19, many experts are optimistic to get positive results in a fight against the SARS-CoV-2.

Previously, health professionals used drugs such as interferon, favipiravir, ribavirin, and lopinavir for the treatment of severe acute respiratory syndrome and the Middle East respiratory syndrome. However, the effectiveness of these drugs is under doubt, said the project researchers.

Homegrown Avigan Covid 19 Vaccine News
Source: News Break

Avigian may combat SARS-CoV-2

As per the Japan Homegrown covid 19 vaccine trials update, the Philippines will begin clinical trials on August 14 in Southeast Asia’s worst outbreak that will cover 100 patients with age ranges from 18-74 years.

Maria Rosario Vergeire (Health Undersecretary) said, “The Japan covid-19 vaccine trials for the  antiviral drug will be conducted across four hospitals in metropolitan Manila. Some initial preparations and regulatory procedures need to be undertaken before beginning with the clinical trials in the Philippines.

We are waiting for the trials to remain successful and once it is, the drug could be reasonably manufactured locally under license by its Japanese maker, said by Fujifilm Toyama Chemical, Leachon. Since the patent of Avigan’s active ingredient, favipiravir expired last year, local drug companies are on their way to produce a generic version of it.

The disease control center in Taiwan brings out the early embryonic deaths caused by the Avigan. One of the clinical studies conducted in Japan suggested avoiding the use in pregnancy as it can raise blood uric acid levels.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, a reputed drug agency in Mumbai already on its way to producing a version of favipiravir under the brand name FabiFlu. Glenmark produces 400 mg pill to meet the market requirement of Covid-19 treatment. This is because the Japan Homegrown COVID-19 vaccine trials require a patient to ingest 18 pills ( of 200 mg each).

In India, GRA and Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories will start selling the antiviral drug Avigan. The authorities made the announcement after the government approved the drug’s active ingredient, FavipiravIr for the treatment of patients infected with COVID-19.

The clinical trials for it are underway in the United States, Japan, China, the Middle East, and other countries. The effectiveness of Avigan has been confirmed in reducing fever and shortening recovery time in the patients specifically in the initial stages of infection with COVID-19.

We will count the regulatory process for Avigan as an important milestone. In the coming future, the company is expecting more approvals focusing to meet the growing demand of the market, said Mitch Wilson (CEO of GRA).

COVID-19 Cure, the optimism grows as researchers are about to begin clinical trials for Japan’s Homegrown virus drug. The Covid 19 vaccine latest update Japan brings great hope for the millions of affected worldwide.

Till now, no proven cure has come up for the virus, but the multipurpose drugs and the continuous efforts by the healthcare professionals have significantly contributed towards reducing the fatality rate.

First Plasma Bank in India For COVID 19 Patients

The first plasma bank In India launched for COVID 19 patients. There are some conditions to donate blood plasma. To know more, visit our blog.

Endless Efforts:

All over the world, it is estimated that numbers of attempts have been made and still are making as well to find the solution to heal this SARS-CoV-2. The doctors, scientists, are also coming with conclusions but so far nothing fruitful could be gained in properly treating this deadly COVID-19. So, like other countries, India is also putting endless efforts in treating this deadly pandemic and it came in the form of first plasma bank in India.

COVID-19 First Plasma Bank

What Is Blood Plasma?

Moreover, blood plasma is one of the oldest therapy in which the doctors use blood plasma of people who have recovered from this life-threatening disease. So, to control this disease the first plasma bank for corona has been opened in New Delhi, India. People rarely know what is called plasma, so for their information, it is a portion of blood without RBC, WBC, and platelet count. So, COVID-19 first plasma bank is available here in New Delhi, India to sort out the concerns of coronavirus patients. Moreover, it can also be called a plasma donation for COVID-19 in India, as it has improved accessibility related to blood plasma in treating the deadly novel coronavirus patients. So, far blood plasma proved a successful effort against this, and COVID-19 first plasma bank is the availability center for blood plasma.

It is good that the first plasma Bank in India has been established and making everything easy for the people to acquire blood plasma as early as possible here but at the same time, it is also the duty of the people who have recovered from this deadly blow, should come forward to donate their blood in the first plasma bank for corona. So, that needs of the patients and their near and dear ones could be fulfilled easily.

How It Is Effective:

Now, how blood plasma is effective in curing the COVID-19 is also a big question in people’s minds. So, for them, people who have recovered from this deadly coronavirus usually develop the antibodies in their blood called convalescent plasma and this plasma then can be inserted into the bodies of the corona patients to boost up their immune system and this therapy is called convalescent plasma therapy. So regarding this, the whole credit should go to CM of New Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, who has made this all possible and let New Delhi became the first state in India to come up with COVID-19 first plasma bank.

According to COVID-19 first plasma bank officials, it does not take more than an hour for a plasma donor to donate blood plasma at the plasma bank. After the basic tests of the donor and all the proceedings, the donor is given an appreciation certificate for his valiant effort.

Conditions, The Donors Should Follow:

However, it is not as if anyone can come and donate plasma straightway, the plasma donation for COVID-19 in India has their terms and conditions if you want to donate your blood plasma and conditions should be fulfilled otherwise you are not liable to do that. 

Besides, there are some conditions as well that donors should keep in mind while coming for donations. So, he/she must be at least 14-day old by recovering from the disease. Moreover, the donor should weigh more than 50 kg and the age should be in from 18-60 group maximum. So, if the donors fulfill all these conditions, only then they can donate their plasma at the first plasma bank in India.

Following Initiative:

Seeing plasma donation for COVID-19 in India positive moves, other states are also going for this blood plasma initiative. So, COVID-19 first plasma bank has made a great leap forward in eliminating the deadly novel corona clouds with their first plasma bank for corona and it is yielding fruitful results as well.

Erythropoietin: Using EPO For COVID 19 Patients

Erythropoietin is usually used for anemia but has proved beneficial for treating the COVID 19 Patients as well. To know more, read the blog.

All over the world, the doctors are trying their best in treating the COVID-19 with the existing medications and vaccinations. They are using many medications and one of such type is EPO for COVID-19. It is giving fruitful results so far in treating coronavirus. EPO stands for Erythropoietin and it is mainly used for anaemia but this medicine is proving beneficial in treating the coronavirus patients as well. The doping agent in it is effective against COVID-19.


Latest Analysis:

The latest studies reveal that EPO mitigates several diseases not only anaemia. This medicine has proved beneficial in treating the brain or neurological diseases, so it can minimize the effect of novel coronavirus when it attacks the brain. So, EPO to treat COVID-19 is the best option to go with. All in all, erythropoietin for COVID-19 patients is proving a boon and the experts are doing their researches to know how EPO is treating COVID-19 patients effectively and successfully too.

Yielded Fruitful Results:

The EPO coronavirus treatment has shown progressive development when it is used on COVID-19 patients and the results were spectacular as patients recovered way faster from the deadly pandemic. Erythropoietin for COVID-19 patients improves blood values and the patient significant signs of improvement within seven days. Moreover, erythropoietin drug coronavirus is equally effective in the higher altitude regions because people here use more EPOs, so they have more RBCs and that is why they are more adaptable to deficiency of oxygen as compared to the people living in the low-lying areas.

Moreover, the EPO coronavirus treatment has shown tremendous improvement in the recovery of the patients as well as in their immune systems. If you observe, you will find that the kidney or dialysis patient have not got any signs of coronavirus because in the dialysis treatment they receive erythropoietin on almost daily basis. This is the main reason that they are not even affected with even mild illnesses. EPO to treat COVID-19 is a stimulant that many athletes use it and affects your blood cells and many other tissues positively. Moreover, this erythropoietin for COVID-19 patients covers the oxygen deficiency massively and progresses it forward to the brain and muscles effectively and that is why this EPO for COVID-19 is delivering positive results and showing signs of impressive improvement from the day the medical scheduling starts with EPO coronavirus treatment.

An Erythropoietin Drug Coronavirus Plus Points:

All over the world renowned doctors have studied a lot about the erythropoietin drug coronavirus a lot and came to the conclusion that it is giving positive results in enhancing the overall health of coronavirus patients. When it is experimented on animals, it showed positive results and it was acting on the brain stem and spinal cord that control breathing process in our system simultaneously with great effect. So, it is taking care of the breathing system in an affirmative way as COVID-19 straightway starts damaging your lungs and you find difficulty in breathing. So, you can see how effective this erythropoietin drug coronavirus is! Thus, this it offers excellent immunity in the COVID-19 patients. Moreover, this erythropoietin drug coronavirus control the normal things like headaches, dizziness, and anything related to seizures also.

So, at last, though the doctors all over the world are trying this EPO coronavirus treatment on patients, but still they are waiting to get convinced with authority though it is showing vital signs in improving the health of coronavirus patients. So, they are assuming and trying this EPO to treat COVID-19 patients but still a solid authority is yet to reveal that it is effective in the reals sense.

CureVac Started Work For Developing a COVID-19 Vaccine

CureVac AG, the first pharma company in the world using mRNA for medical purposes, is working to develop mRNA-based drugs to cure COVID 19 patients.

Beginning from the first case in China (December 2019), SARS-CoV-2 is severely affecting many countries around the world. In response to the global pandemic, researchers worldwide are using different approaches to develop a coronavirus vaccine at the earliest.

CureVac COVID19 Vaccine

To protect COVID affected patients, CureVac AG is working on the development of mRNA-based drugs for vaccines and therapeutics.

CureVac is a reputed biopharmaceutical company with headquarters in Tubingen, Germany. Founded in 2000, CureVac is the first pharma company in the world that has successfully harnessed mRNA for medical purposes. The company is proud to be part of the international helping hands towards protecting masses from the novel coronavirus. The recent success of the company relates to the Rabies program that aims to fully protect humans with two doses of only one microgram (I millionth of a gram).

The company aims to provide a cost-effective and prophylactic vaccine using unique technology. At present, their team is working on mRNA technology to bring a rapid response to prevent spreading the virus. Since 2007, the company is engaged in the prophylactic vaccine and can produce mRNA vaccines on a colossal scale.

After the Paul Ehrlich Institute, CureVac is the second German company which has begun the trial phase for the vaccine against COVID-19.

To bring practical results and to speed up the development, production, and clinical process, CureVac is in contact with various health organizations such as CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations) and BMGF (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

About mRNA Technology

A natural messenger substance, the vaccine will be a trial to activate the human body against its defence mechanism. With the mRNA technology, it is expected that the human body will recognize the protein of the coronavirus and in response will activate its immune cells to produce antibodies and T-cells against it.

Mariola Fotin-Mleczek (Chief Technology Officer of CureVac) said, “With our unique RNA technology, we prepare the human body how to fight against the virus. Our expertise and disease understanding makes us able to come up with a solution for outbreak solutions like COVID-19.

As per the recent information on the Curevac COVID trial, the company has started human trials after the idea approved by regulators. The first trial by the German biotech firm will involve 168 volunteers, of whom 144 will be given the experimental vaccine.

Many countries are contributing to bringing the coronavirus vaccine. However, projections for how long it will take to develop a vaccine vary widely. Based on the experience and knowledge, researchers need at least a year to come up with an effective solution.

Once researchers successfully create a potential vaccine then brings into the notice of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to check its effectiveness.

The next phase is to complete Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III clinical trials to analyze the safety and effectiveness of the drug thoroughly.

The company is expected to begin the next clinical study with several thousand participants in autumn 2020. Even if CureVac remains successful in achieving favourable results, it depends on the regulatory authorities about the availability of the vaccine on the market.