Tracking the Latest ncovid-19 Vaccines and Treatments

Tracking the Latest ncovid-19 Vaccines and Treatments Tracking the Latest ncovid-19 Vaccines and Treatments
Tracking the Latest ncovid-19 Vaccines and Treatments

Is Convalescent Plasma Therapy a Safe COVID 19 treatment for patients?

Convalescent Plasma Therapy may prove an effective treatment for COVID 19 patients but still, some research and experiments are required to check.

Scholars and researchers in the field of health and allied sciences are working on bringing treatment to help in mitigating the spread of the COVID-19. Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, the focus is on clinical evaluation, treatment, and diagnosis of the COVID-19. But so far, no drug has been proved to be safe and effective for treating COVID-19.

As per U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), no drug has been approved specifically to treat people with COVID-19.

Among the few emergency use treatment options, Convalescent Plasma Therapy for COVID-19 is the one that has been used by the doctors to treat individual hospitalized patients affected with COVID global pandemic.

Blood Plasma Therapy For Coronavirus

What is Convalescent Plasma Therapy?

Convalescent plasma therapy is an old way of treating infectious diseases by supplying antibodies to patients. During this therapy, plasma is infused into patients to provide a source of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2.

Plasma is a colourless liquid component of blood that contains proteins, hormones, sugar, potassium, vitamins, sodium, calcium, clotting factors.

The blood plasma therapy COVID is not new in the field of medical science. The plasma of the patients who have been recovered from COVID contains antibodies called convalescent plasma. It is infused in patients with severe COVID-19 to fight the virus. In comparison to vaccine convalescent plasma therapy works differently. On receiving the vaccine, the immune system creates its antibodies to the microbe you are being protected. 

How did the idea of implementing this therapy come? Who took the initiative to use CPT or passive antibody therapy?

Well, physiologist Emil von Behring and bacteriologist Kitasato Shibasaburou emphasized using antibodies present in serum to treat the bacterial infection diphtheria. It was in the late 19th century when doctors used passive antibody therapy to fight against diseases like pneumonia, meningitis, and measles.

 The plasma therapy has been successful in various viral illnesses such as Ebola, diphtheria, the 2009 influenza A, and 2003 SARS-CoV. 

How effective is convalescent plasma therapy for COVID-19?

As per the study, CPT is not a win-win treatment for COVID-19 as there are ongoing studies to check the effectiveness of this treatment.

 The limited clinical information reveals that CPT may prove to be an effective treatment option for COVID-19 patients, but further studies are required to confirm its efficacy.

 Regarding the side effects associated with convalescent plasma therapy, plasma transfusions are considered safe, but some there are some side effects reported by the doctors. Fever, allergy, bronchospasm, acute lung injury, and in rare cases, the transmission of infectious diseases is probably to happen with CPT. Despite these effects, transfusion of plasma can help patients with chronic medical conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, and also to those with a weakened immune system.

 People who have been recovered from COVID-19 are eligible for blood donations with specific conditions to save the life of ill patients.

French Drugmaker Sanofi Expects to Win Approval for COVID 19 Vaccine

The Sanofi French Drugmaker declared a development timeline for a COVID 19 Vaccine that may receive approval from regulatory authorities in 2021.

Sanofi French Drugmaker has declared to accelerate a vaccine development timeline that may receive approval from regulatory authorities in the first half of 2021.

Gsk Sanofi Coronavirus Vaccine

The company and the partner GlazoSmith Kline (GSK) announced the availability of the vaccine at the earliest, most probably in the latter half of next year.

Developing shots for COVID-19 and the flu in a deal is expected to be valued at as much as $ 2.3 billion. Concerning the Sanofi Corona virus vaccine trial, Sanofi has announced his plan to invest 610 million Euros for expanding vaccine business with two new products and research centers in its home market.

As per the agreement, Sanofi will get worldwide rights for developing infectious disease vaccines. Sanofi confirmed to have multiple COVID-19 vaccine candidates and expected to begin the clinical trials with humans in the fourth quarter of this year.

A very few numbers of volunteers were involved in Phase I vaccine trials but will increase this number to secure more reliable data sooner, said Sanofi.

Finding the right vaccine to treat COVID-19 is the first stage; the major challenge lies in the production and distribution of the product globally.

The Sanofi-GSK vaccine has a laboratory-synthesized version of the coronavirus’s “spike” protein, which is essential to enter host cells. The recombinant vaccine also contains GSK’s proprietary adjuvant that can enhance the body’s immune system to a foreign onslaught.

Also, Sanofi French Drugmaker is preparing a different set of vaccine candidates with Translate Bio, an American therapeutics company. Based on mRNA technology, which has already been used by Sanofi’s competitors, including Moderna and a partnership between BioNTech, Pfizer, and Fosun Pharma.

Thomas Triomphe (Executive vice president at vaccines unit) states, “We strongly believe that the addition of mRNA platform to the vaccine development capabilities will prevent the world from various infectious diseases.”

The mRNA vaccines are under preclinical testing and expected to be ended by 2020 with a hope to receive approval from regulatory bodies such as the U.S Food and drug administration or the European Medicines Agency by the end of 2021.

It will be a huge success if the efforts of Sanofi French Drugmaker and its partners meet the mark.

The severity of the disease makes people around the world impatiently waiting to get the right vaccine to stop it. A vaccine against COVID 19 will make your immune system create antibodies that will prevent you from falling sick and, thus, could save the lives.

As per the World Health Organization, It is like more than 100 vaccines are in different stages of development around the world. Even if researchers remain successful in bringing the right vaccine, then also 12 to 18 months will be required to make it ready for the public. The vaccine must go through development and testing to confirm its effectiveness against the virus or bacteria and to make sure that it does not cause other problems.

Dexamethasone: First Drug to Cut COVID- 19 Deaths

Dexamethasone is the first Lifesaving Coronavirus drug that could save the lives of COVID 19 Patients. To read more about this drug, visit our blog page.

With COVID-19 cases continuing to grow, researchers worldwide are putting their best efforts to develop vaccines and treatments to reduce the damage caused.

Dexamethasone Lifesaving COVID 19 Drug

Some of the earliest treatments will probably be drugs that are already approved or used to treat other medical conditions.

In a breakthrough for COVID-19 treatment, researchers in the UK have claimed that the standard steroid drug dexamethasone can reduce the mortality rate in COVID-19 patients.

As per the recent study by the UK, Dexamethasone is the first Lifesaving Coronavirus drug that could save lives. The study reveals that one in three deaths prevented among patients on ventilators, and one in five could be the ratio for those on oxygen.

Announced on June 16, the preliminary results about deemed Dexamethasone as a lifesaving drug for COVID-19.  Researchers at the University of Oxford said that the recovery trial clarifies that treatment with Dexamethasone will help reduce the number of deaths in COVID-19 patients.

As Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesis (WHO director-general) said, the contribution of the University of Oxford and many hospitals in the UK has brought the first treatment that can reduce the number of deaths in COVID affected patients requiring oxygen or ventilator support.

What is Dexamethasone?

Dexamethasone is a steroid not meant for people with mild symptoms but can prove lifesaving for those with severe symptoms.  The drug is already in use to treat arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis, and breathing disorders and added to treating COVID-19 moderate to severe cases.

Dexamethasone possesses anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant properties, used to treat the diseases caused when the body’s immune system attacks the body. For Coronavirus affected patients, the infection results in inflammation, which can be fatal in some cases if the body goes into overdrive.

The drug recommended to use for adults only and not for pregnant women or breastfeeding. Avoid Dexamethasone’s if you have a fungal infection anywhere in your body.

What does the dexamethasone trial results indicate?

For the clinical trial, Oxford researchers tested about 2,000 COVID patients, and then the results were compared to more than 4,000 patients who not given the drug. The data reveals the cut down of the death rate from 40 percent to 28 percent for the patients on ventilators.  And, for the patients, need oxygen. A reduction from 25 percent to 20 percent observed.

Being affordable and globally available, Dexamethasone gives effective treatment for the COVID-19 patients on ventilators or are on oxygen, said by Martin Landray (Oxford University Professor).

Researchers feel a lot of uncertainty about the safety and effectiveness of the corticosteroids in COVID-19. The Corticosteroids used for syndromes that are strictly related to COVID-19, including SARS, MERS, influenza, and pneumonia.

COVID19 Vaccine: Phase-2 Clinical Trials in China

Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (IMBCAMS) researchers have started the second clinical trial for the COVID19 Vaccine. To know more, read the blog.

COVID-19 has created havoc all over the world. Everyone wants to know when this pandemic is going to end, is there a COVID19 vaccine available that can help curb the spread.

Coronavirus Vaccine News China

Well, currently, no vaccines have proved to be productive work to protect people from this scary virus, but attempts by researchers are going on, and multiple candidates are under progress. About COVID-19 vaccine trials in China, there are five vaccine candidates. Preliminary clinic trial results were positive and expected to test in a Phase 3 trial in Brazil, said by China’s vaccine maker Sinovac Biotech.

As per the Institute of Medical Biology at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (IMBCAMS), Chinese researchers have started the second trial of their potential corona virus vaccine. With several vaccines are in different stages of tests globally, none of the trials have passed large-scale. The phase-2 human test is one of the six vaccines that Chinese researchers are developing against the corona virus. The first phase held in May recruited around 200 individuals to participate in the test. Phase-2 COVID19 Vaccine trials in China will emphasize the immune responses while determining the shot’s dose. This year, China expected to use a plant to produce a corona virus vaccine to meet China’s future vaccine supplies. By the end of 2020, people with special needs may use experimental vaccines under urgent circumstances, by Gao Fu (Director at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention). As per China National Biotec Group and UAE state media, China and The United Arab Emirates have launched a Phase 3 Clinical trial of a COVID-19 Vaccine China.

On June 24, 2020, this trial agreement was signed between the two countries by the G42 and the Sinopharm Group, a leading research-based pharmaceutical company and affiliate of CNBG. This collaboration is not the only vaccine at the phase 3 stage, but also the University of Oxford has begun a phase 3 trials on its vaccine with 30, 000 participants in July.

Globally, the researchers are putting efforts to find a corona virus vaccine. However, it is still unsure whether a vaccine will be available to the public, but there is a hope to produce it by early 2021.

Vaccines undergo multiple phase trials to ensure effectiveness and safety. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, clinical development takes three phases. Phase 1 includes small groups of people to get the trial vaccine. A larger group with people having similar characteristics is involved in the phase 2 trial. A phase 3 trial can be a critical moment which may use to confirm results from phase and phase 2 vaccine trials.

The report by the World Health Organization reveals that there are 16 candidate vaccines in clinical evaluation and a further 125 in preclinical evaluation.

And while scientists and researchers are in a battle to win the COVID19 Vaccine, there is still no guarantee of how and when one will find.

Johnson & Johnson: Covid 19 Vaccine In Europe

Johnson & Johnson is committed to providing one billion vaccines for COVID 19 patients worldwide for emergency use to improve the healthcare services.

With the announcement of a lead vaccine candidate for COVID-19, Johnson & Johnson is committed to providing one billion vaccines worldwide for emergency use!

Johnson and Johnson COVID 19 Vaccine Trials

J&J began as a small firm that was created in 1886 to make surgical dressings and has become one of the world’s largest healthcare companies for providing pharmaceutical, consumer, and medical devices.

With more than 250 subsidiary companies, the company sells its products in more than 175 countries. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, J & J has been jointly working with various health centers to put a full stop on the fast-moving COVID-19 pandemic.

On March 30, Johnson and Johnson announced a lead SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidate identification with tow back-ups. Since January 2020, work will progress into Phase1/2, a clinical trial in the second half of July 2020.

Initially, for emergency use, the first batch of the COVID 19 Vaccine is expected to be available in early 2021.

The Janssen Pharmaceutical has supported the manufacturing of the lead investigational SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidate with collaborations with Emergent BioSolutions, Inc. and Catalent Biologics.

Johnson and Johnson’s efforts boosted to bring the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine by the collaboration between Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies. BARDA is a part of the U.S Department of Health &Human Services, and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC). Earlier also, the company has partnered with BARDA to prepare for an influenza pandemic. This commitment to BARDA is to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, conduct clinical trials, and support the up scaling of production. The company’s partnership is also a step towards bringing treatment for COVID-19 for the patients who are already infected.

In the race of bringing COVID-19 Vaccine, the process usually takes years on testing and getting approval. On March 30, the company announced the lead candidate for a vaccine against COVID-19 and will make it into a phase 1 human clinical trial by September of 2020, said by Dr. Richard Nettles, MD of Janssen Infectious Diseases.

The vaccine and drug development involve a series of large human clinical trials. Trails start among phase 1 clinical trial with a small number of people moving to phase 2 clinical trials with an average number of people and, lastly, with a large number of experiments in phase 3 clinical trials. In this case, the company remained focused on accelerating and production as quickly as possible for them.

To what number of vaccines does Johnson & Johnson plan to produce?

J & J works with a motive to improve the access and affordability of their products to create healthier communities around. The plan is to produce up to a billion doses of vaccine and, if required, will try to provide 600 million doses by the end of the year.

Dr. Nettles said,

“Johnson & Johnson would love to partner with various local and international government and private companies to bring the vaccine for the needy patients.”

FabiFlu: India’s First COVID 19 Drug

Glenmark got approval for oral antiviral Favipiravir for COVID19 patients. FabiFlu shows positive results to treat patients with mild to moderate symptoms.

Finally, good news has come against our fight with COVID-19! In India, Glenmark has received the regulatory approval for oral antiviral Favipiravir to treat COVID-19 affected patients. Glenmark is the first pharmaceutical firm in the country that has manufacturing and marketing support for an oral drug with brand name FabiFlu to treat COVID-19 patients from mild to moderate symptoms.

Glenmark Fabiflu COVID 19 Medicine

About Glenmark Fabiflu COVID 19 Medicine:

The patients with mild to moderate COVID symptoms benefit from the use of Glenmark Fabiflu COVID 19 medicine. The drug will be available to the needy patients for Rs 103 for 200 mg tablet and at an MRP of Rs 3500 for a strip of 34 tablets. The patients recommend to consume 1800 mg twice a day from day 1, and 800 mg regularly used upto day 14. The drug will remain available both at the hospitals and at the retail stores.

As per Glenmark, this drug shows 88% clinical improvements with a rapid reduction in viral load by four days. Clinical results have proved the effectiveness of the drug for the patients with age groups from 20 to 90 years, also who are suffering from diabetes and heart diseases.

Favipiravir is an oral product with a wide therapeutic safety margin and has already been approved for a new pandemic influenza virus infection in Japan since 2014.

Glenmark, the patients should start consuming the drug early, considering the severity of the disease. In the later stages of the disease, viral replication gets slow down, and the human body’s violent immune response drives disease, which leads to many complications and even organ failure?

Contraindications to the drug:

Favipiravir used by patients with severe renal, hepatic impairment, and pregnancy.

Patients should avoid using this drug with a history of hypersensitivity to Favipiravir. Patients should avoid using this drug with a history of hypersensitivity to Favipiravir.

A combination of Favipiravir and Umifenovir:

The company has recommended the combined use of Favipiravir and Umifenovir as an antiviral drug of the SARS-Cov-2 virus. To be more specific, Favipiravir is the approved drug for novel flu pandemics, while Umifenovir is the recommended drug for Influenza.

About Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd:

With headquarters in Mumbai, Glenmark is a leading research-based pharmaceutical company founded in 1977 by Gracias Saldanha. In terms of generating revenue, the company has scored the 80th among the Pharma & Biotech companies globally.

With 50 local offices, 15 manufacturing facilities, and 3 Research & development centers, the company goal is to make human lives better.
On June 19, the company received approval for India’s first COVID 19 drug from Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI).

At present, the company’s focus is on manufacturing intending to make FabiFlu accessible to all needy patients. If everything goes well, Glenmark is supporting the private and public healthcare facilities and proposing other suitable options.


Cow plasma therapy might be able to cure coronavirus patients as this treatment will help to slow down the spreading of the infection.

“A drug made from the blood of cow might be able to cure Corona virus,” indeed, there is a big hope and will be tested in the clinical trials this summer.


The latest Antibiotic treatment for COVID 19, is very near for human trials from a company that has been growing COVID-19 antibodies in the blood of cows.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic, scholars in the field of health and sciences are investigating the clinical evaluation, treatment, and diagnosis of the COVID-19. At present, various treatment options based on antibodies are under progress. The most recent news about the medication comes from a company that cow blood to grow potent antibodies being capable of neutralizing the novel virus.

So far, Remdesivir and dexamethasone are the only known drugs proven to be as effective as COVID-19 therapies. Dexamethasone is an affordable steroid that is available widely and useful in severe COVID-19 cases.

Dr. Eddie Sullivan, CEO, and co-founder of SAB Biotherapeutics said that “the cows had already tested with a corona virus vaccine as an attempt to try their immune system and ward off the injection. The cows then produced a high-neutralizing antibody, which we can use in patients.”

What are the antibodies?

Produced by the body, antibodies are a type of proteins that defend from the infection caused due to pathogens and antigen—antibodies created by plasma cells derived from the B-cells in the immune system. Antibodies exist freely in the bloodstream or bound to cell membranes, so they are said to be a part of the immune system.

A mixture of the water and proteins, the liquid part is of the blood, is called the plasma. Plasma acts as a medium for red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets circulating through the body. Cow Plasma Therapy also contains some essential components of immunity that are known as antibodies.

SAB-185 is the polyclonal antibody therapeutic to be used in the upcoming trials. SAB is the biopharmaceutical company that has manufactured hundreds of doses of the drug for COVID-19 Cow plasma Therapy treatment. When it comes to plasma antibodies, cows possess a few significant advantages over humans. The researchers also claim that they can produce a more robust immune system and repeated injections with the corona virus that boost the response.

In comparison to humans, animals can give plasma three times a month. Cows offer between 30 and 45 liters of plasma every month.

Previously, SAB remained successful in developing various capable antibodies in response to Ebola, Dengue, Zika, and Hantavirus. As per the NPR report, the SAB production plans are supported by the U.S department of health, human services and department of defense.

Now there is a big hope that the high-neutralizing antibodies or the Cow plasma therapy antibody treatment will either slow down the spreading of the infection that has already picked up the virus or might prevent someone from becoming infected after being exposed to the virus.